Choose Your Franchise Package

One size does not fit all!

We realise that not everyone’s needs are the same, so we designed a Franchise System that is flexible.  Choose from one of our three innovative options, which can then be further tailor made to suit your individual needs.  More comprehensive details of each package are available further down the page.

Limited time only - Standard and Managed Franchise packages price reduced for first 6 pilot Franchisees from £24995 + vat to just £13995 + vat!

Choose Your Franchise Package

Lease Franchise

Our lowest cost, entry level option.

Ideal if perhaps you already have your own cleaning business and equipment (subject to our approval) and you would like to benefit from our brand and backup.


+ vat per core service + monthly fees as % of turnover

Standard Franchise

Our most popular option – all the benefits of being part of our network with the independence of running your business, yourself.

Able to deal with bookings, call answering, day to day marketing and accounts yourself?  Then our Standard Franchise is right for you.


+ vat + capped monthly Franchise Fees

Managed Franchise

Our bespoke, ‘tailor made’ option.

Want us to deal with your bookings, phone calls, marketing and accounts whilst you just get on with running your jobs? No problem, sign up for our Managed Franchise and choose which options you require.


+ vat + capped monthly Franchise Fees + Monthly Managed Options (as required)

*Franchise 360 lite version with Lease Franchise contracts

** Contracts renewable subject to agreement of Master Franchise

***Options available as part of Managed Franchise at extra cost per month

Monthly Fees - Standard and Managed Packages:

Some franchisors charge a flat fee per month, whilst some charge a straight percentage of your turnover. We don’t think either are particularly fair to the franchisee. With a set fee system, even if you have a bad month, you’ve still got to pay the full fee. On the percentage system, you’re penalised for being successful – the busier you get the more you pay.

So at A Brighter Home we decided to do things a little differently and, we believe, a little more fairly.

We charge you a rate per job. So you only pay for the jobs you do, but most importantly we cap the fee to a maximum monthly charge per territory (max capped rate per month of £275 + vat, min monthly charge of £50 + vat per month applies, 2018 rates). So, during the early days, when your business is still establishing itself, your monthly management fee will be lower. Moreover, if you experience a difficult month or you go on holiday, your fees reduce correspondingly.

However, if you have a really successful month, you know there’s a maximum you will pay up to and no more, because the monthly charge is capped. At A Brighter Home, the very last thing we want to do is punish our franchisees for expanding and being successful!

Monthly Fees - Lease Franchise Packages:

When we set up our standard franchise models, it was clear to us that there was also a market for a low cost, entry level franchise package that would allow the right, talented individuals to also become a part of the A Brighter Home family.

So we designed our ‘Lease Franchise’ package.

How it Works

Our Lease Franchises go through the same practical ‘hands on’ training as all our other Franchisees.  However, our Lease Franchisees don’t have an exclusive territory, but can carry out jobs as an approved sub contractor within any Franchise territory requested (subject to the approval of the Master Franchise and relevant Franchisee).

You work directly for the customer within the Franchise area and your Monthly Fees are a percentage commission (currently 40% of total job value) payable to the relevant Franchise who owns the territory, plus a small fixed monthly fee to the master franchise (currently £50 + vat per month 2018 prices).

So you only pay for the jobs you do.

Keys points of the Lease Franchise package are:

  • You only pay commission on the jobs you do, but there is no guarantee of volume of work
  • You have no marketing, job booking costs or management, these are included within your job percentage fee
  • You will need to have cleaning equipment as approved by the Master Franchise or purchase approved equipment
  • You will need to carry out jobs under the ‘A Brighter Home’ brand, using A Brighter Home cleaning solutions purchased from the Master Franchise
  • Lease Franchisees are welcome to upgrade to a Standard or Managed Franchise at preferential rates at any time (subject to availability)
  • Lease Franchisees do not own their own exclusive Territory
  • Lease Franchisees are on a 12 month contract (renewable subject to approval of Master Franchise)