Any Questions?...

Of course you will have questions - this website is just a snapshot of our business opportunity.

We'd much rather the opportunity to meet you and answer all of your questions, but in the meantime, here you will find the answers to most queries:

Do I need experience in cleaning or running a business?

Absolutely not. Our training and experience will equip you with the necessary cleaning skills, plus the tools to manage your business

How much money do I need to invest?

After the initial franchise investment, you will, of course need additional cash flow for the first few months as your business establishes itself. Everyone's circumstances are different, so we work with you to help produce cash flow forecasts, projections and a business plan, particularly if you are obtaining finance

Is it up to me how large my business grows?

Essentially, yes. Part of our induction process involves working with you to determine what you want from the business and then putting a plan in place to achieve this. Each territory should support 1-2 vans. Many franchisees will be happy to run their business to this level only, whilst others may want to build an empire with multi vans and multi territories!

Do I have to offer all of A Brighter Home's services?

Our core cleaning services must be offered by all franchisees to protect the brand. Following A Brighter Home's business model gives the best chance of success. However, if you find there's a particular service that you enjoy, we have no problem with you promoting that more heavily.

Do I need to answer my own phone?

No. In fact, we don't allow owner operators who are out cleaning to answer their own phone unless they have office back up such as a partner or employee to do this. It's simply not possible to try to cut corners and clean whilst answering the phone (you will lose far more business than you save). We give full training on answering calls professionally, but for those not in a position to do this, we offer the service from our Herts. HQ. In most cases this works out at a much cheaper rate than if you employed someone yourself

Do I set my own prices?

Essentially, yes. During training and induction, we will advise you on how to set prices. Charging the correct price is, of course, fundamental to the success of your business

Are there seasonal variations?

To an extent there will always be variations causing times where you are rushed off your feet and other times when it's a little quieter. However, one of the reasons we offer several services is to help iron out the 'peaks and troughs' that most single service businesses inevitably suffer from

What makes an ideal franchisee?

The key elements we look for are the ability to work independently; an eye for detail; good organisational skills; and, probably most importantly, taking pride in what you do. It is also essential that you enjoy interacting with other people - one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is working with your customers to solve their problems and leaving them delighted with the cleaning results that you can achieve