Don't Take Our Word For It...

Our Franchisees are the most important part of our business. If the business doesn't work for them, it doesn't work for us. Below are the experiences of a couple of people just like you, who took the next step:

franchisee Gary Gillespie

I worked within the previous business with Tim and Louise before putting myself forward as A Brighter Home’s first pilot Franchise. 

For me, the attraction was the flexibility of the franchise offering.  I have my own territory to work in, but if I choose, I also have the option to carry out work as a sub contractor for A Brighter Home’s company owned operation as a Lease Franchisee.’

I didn’t have the facility to answer my own customer enquiries, so I chose the Managed Franchise option where A Brighter Home take care of my diary and bookings.  All I have to do is take care of the customers!

Gary Gillespie

Franchisee, Managed Franchise

I chose the Lease Franchise option with A Brighter Home because I like running my own business, but I don’t like all the boring stuff like marketing and dealing with bookings!

To me, this is the best of both worlds.  I’m my own boss, which lets me choose when I want to work, but I don’t have all the hassle of answering the phone.  With the back up of the A Brighter Home brand, my business looks professional and has credibility.

Tom Miller

Franchisee, Lease Franchise

a brighter home franchisee

The Opportunity...

Most cleaning service franchise businesses offer a narrow choice to their customers of just one or two services.
Our comprehensive, multi-service business model offers instant advantages over your competitors. Our Franchisees can 'cross sell' services to their customers, meaning they achieve far higher average job values and stretch marketing budgets further.

Have a look at the examples below to see what we mean:

Average Oven Cleaning Job £72*

Average A Brighter Home Multi-Service Job £240*

*Source - A Brighter Home company owned operation June 2015-May 2016

The Market...

Our potential market consists of both domestic and commercial customers.
Since the introduction of professional oven cleaning as a domestic service in around 1992, customer demand for professional oven cleaning has continued to grow; year upon year. Likewise, although carpet cleaning in the UK is a more mature market, demand for complimentary services such as hard floor cleaning has increased substantially.

The combination of an ageing population who are less able to carry out many cleaning tasks themselves, together with a growing market of 'cash rich, time poor' professionals, means the overall potential market for your specialist cleaning services can only grow.

And, of course, the commercial market is virtually limitless. Typical commercial customers we currently serve include schools, offices, insurance companies, home delivery companies, estate and letting agents, the military, managing agents - the list goes on...